Sunset Rumble certainly do not disappoint with their latest album ‘Soul Plow’. . . . . " Their style is charismatically melodic, there’s no harsh drama, just an indulgence in the sweet sound of rock combined with ubiquitous soul.  ~  A&R


"Reminiscent of 60s / 70s Rock & Soul music. With a hint of Memphis soul and a tip of the hat to Detroit rock & roll. From harmonica infused rockers to soulful ballad, a great mix of fresh sounding tunes".  ~

Some sunsets are dramatic, like the sky is churning up something big, like a storm is approaching, like it's on fire . .

                           . . . . Just sit back and let the Sunset Rumble.



Born and raised in Southeast Michigan, it’s no wonder they're into the “soulful” side of Rock & Roll.  In the early days, founders of Sunset Rumble, Stephan Michael and DK Corbin, loved all that was funky and soulful.

From Wilson Pickett to Staple Singers, from JB to Al Green and Marvin Gaye.

They were into all that had funky horns and vocals sung like it came from deep down in the soul.

Even as teens, being introduced to Rock & Roll by what was coming out of Detroit, they leaned toward the soulful, somewhat bluesy side, with bands like the J. Geils Band, Bad Company and Michigan's own Bob Seger, Mitch Ryder and the like.


“We took from that music and let it move us in the direction we have gone, with our own music.  Sometimes thoughtful, other times with a simple kinda tongue-in-cheek playfulness.

Always trying to lend to the music we grew up with, but also trying to be “current” sounding.

From harmonica driven "Dick Tracie" to the soulful ballad in "Cowboy Song" to bluesy "Misery".  Soul Plow has something for everyone that is into that good old rock & soul”.


“Sunset Rumble ~ Let It Move You”

Michigan, USA



I Wish I Was
Cowboy Song
Chasing Bad Love
Street Performance Demo
And Now For Something Totally Different !


we will have new dates soon

Somewhere Near You

we will have new dates soon

Somewhere Near You

we will have new dates soon

Somewhere Near You

we will have new dates soon

Somewhere Near You

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What a time to be born.  I can still remember as a kid growing up near Detroit listening to CKLW and later WRIF, just hanging out with friends, waiting for the next LP of our favorite group, to hit the air waves.  Back then, there were no VIP tickets to concerts on line, no Twitters telling you to go to the "cloud" and get the latest single before it even hits the web for purchase.  Back then, you would wash a few cars and mow a few lawns, then go hang out at the nearest record store, to get that new vinyl or concert ticket.  What a time to be born.

There's nothing like the beginning of a particular song, that can take you back to a specific place and time and conjure up a lifetime of memories.  You know what I'm talking about.  Here's a few that do it for me.

"Let's Do It Again" ~ Staple Singers  /  "What Does It Take" ~ Jr. Walker  /  "Tired Of Being Alone" ~ Al Green  /  "Hold On" ~ Sam & Dave

"Rock & Roll" ~ Mitch Ryder  /  "Lovely Day" ~ Bill Withers  /  "Shambala" ~ 3 Dog Night  /  "Dynamite" ~ King Floyd


"Hitchin' A Ride" ~ Vanity Fare  /  "Respect" ~ Otis  /  "25 Miles" ~ Edwin Starr  /  "Midnight Hour" ~ Wilson Pickett

"Sweet City Woman" ~ Stampeders  /  "Express Yourself" ~ Charles Wright  /  "It's Your Thing" ~ Isley Brothers

"Come An Get You Love" ~ Redbone  /  "Band On The Run" ~ Wings  /  "Come Go With Me" ~ Staple Singers

"Brand New Bag" ~ J. Brown  /  "Let's Get It On" ~ M. Gaye  /  "Brandy" ~ Looking Glass  /  "Cisco Kid" ~ War

"Hot Fun In The Summertime" ~ Sly Stone  /  "I Wish" ~ Stevie Wonder  /  "Hello It's Me" ~ Todd Rundgren


"Backfield In Motion" ~ Mel & Tim  /  "Use My Imagination" ~ Gladys Knight  /  "Montego Bay" ~ Bobby Bloom

"Grazing In the Grass" ~ Friends of Distinction  /  "Stoned Soul Picnic" ~ 5th Dimension  /  "Mother Popcorn" ~ J. Brown

Ok, so it was more than a few, but hey, I left a lot more out.  What a time to be born.

Got Soul In My Shoes . . . . Makes Me Wanna Move

All Photos & Video by ~ Drew Britt

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